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Coaching for Success

Use our experienced coaches to partner with your staff to develop leadership skills and help apply leanings from formal education to current projects. You can benefit from our seasoned experience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and attitude of collaboration.Our coaches are chosen very carefully for their abilities to help the individual being mentored expand and improve his/her skills by providing guidance, making suggestions, motivating, and assisting in problem solving.

Goal Definition

The coach and the team or individual being coached must establish common goals with respect to the coaching results. This ensures that everyone buys into the process. Our work in the Business Analysis and Business Re-engineering field has shown time and time again that if participants do not buy into the process, they will not buy into the actions and the outcomes.

Active Coaching

The first key to this is that our coach becomes a partner with the project manager and the team – they have a mutual goal and common interests.This is the on-going level of coaching and is where our coach will, based on the customized model developed above, guide and mentor specific actions. In some cases our coach may facilitate certain processes or may model certain actions. This may depend on learning styles and the nature of the objective or goals.A unique element of our coaching model is that the coach will at all times monitor and provide oversight for the project so that the coach can assist the project manager in identifying trends, risk areas, warning signals, and opportunities.
If our coach has several projects under his/her wing, the coach will provide regular feedback with the objective of continuous improvement.Another unique element of our coaching process is our model for knowledge management and lessons learned. We will drive the process of real-time lessons learned and also will introduce techniques by which the team themselves can improve their own performance by what they have learned at each phase.

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